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Babestation 24 TV Frequency

Babestation 24 TV

Babestation is an adult chat show broadcasted on television in the UK since 2002. Since 2015, Babestation also has a complementary website with more options than those found on the TV channel.

The television version was the first show of its kind in the UK and allows viewers to communicate live with female presenters via a high-quality phone number or text message.

It is published daily and has a private channel in Sky since 2006. There are more sister stations and websites in hardcore nature but the main program shown on TV is streaming on the internet via babestation.com site.

Babestation 24 TV Free Frequency

PositionSatelliteBeam EIRP (dBW)FrequencySystemSR   FECEncryptionPackagesLang.Source
19.2°EAstra 1KREurope10803 H 22000  GerT Viererbe
49-518PSK 3/4170401
HD 1080
19.2°EAstra 1MEurope12460 HDVB-S27500  GerMartin cz
51 MPEG-2 3/4120521
19.2°EAstra 1NPan Europe12633 HDVB-S22000  GerMartin cz
51 MPEG-2 5/6120521

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