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Bayerisches Fernsehen Nord TV Frequency

Bayerisches Fernsehen Nord TV

Bavarian television began broadcasting on September 22, 1964 under the name of a work program. It is the third oldest program in Germany. In addition, since 1954, BR provides community program ARD, television reports Munich Evening News titled from 8 November 1954, as the first Bavarian regional magazine.

As an old regional window at ARD, today’s evening show is considered the beginning of the television era in Bavaria.

In November 1985, the program was initially broadcast on Intelsat V. As a result, Bavarian television was fed to almost all West German cable networks.

The slogan “Bavaria TV – World from Bavaria” has been used since 2005. For this purpose, video clips were produced with moderator Sabine Sauer and Fürther comedy duo Martin Rassau and Volker Heißmann.

June 22, 2008 in two regional versions of the digital network exist: between Bavaria FS north and Franconia and Bavaria FS South between Old Bavaria and Swabia. An HD started simulcast on April 30, 2012, which on November 4, 2014 was scaled to 720p in high resolution format on the entire program due to lack of technical prerequisites.

On April 11, 2016, Bavaria TV received a changed logo, a new weather design and a new schedule calendar. An important change in the program flow was the handling of the ARD daily show at 20:00. In addition, the news broadcast Rundschau is a new design and new time intervals. Since I was at home, the previous claim of Bavarian television has been preserved.

Bayerisches Fernsehen Nord TV Free Frequency

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