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Da Vinci TV Frequency

Da Vinci TV

Da Vinci Learning is an original and innovative educational television channel designed to bring curious people of all ages together to celebrate a lifelong educational journey.

Da Vinci Learning reaches millions of viewers around the world and includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, South Africa, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Thailand. , Turkey and Ukraine in 29 regions, including transmitted through 12 local version.

In addition to Da Vinci U, Da Vinci Learning publishes all-day educational programs for children and families, as well as documentaries and educational series for adults in the evening belt. The broadcaster strives to offer the best educational entertainment, and selected program criteria guarantee appealing, non-violent content that is also suitable for small children. The topics of the programs range from history to sociology, from biology to physics.

Da Vinci learning philosophy; The focus was on the idea of ​​invisible education, which viewed education as a lifelong journey based on participation, responsibility and, above all, entertainment. Programs encourage active participation, not passivity. With their content, which makes surprising scientific ideas understandable, programs arouse curiosity, promote communication and motivate viewers to further explore the secrets of the universe.

Da Vinci Learning launched on September 15, 2007 by Da Vinci Media GmbH, based in Berlin. Since December 2015, HD starts broadcasting in Turkey.

Da Vinci TV Free Frequency

PositionSatelliteBeam EIRP (dBW)FrequencySystemSR FECEncryptionPackagesLang.Source
85.2°EIntelsat 15Russia12560 VDVB-S30000ConaxTelekartaRusZ Viglidán
  43.2-45.2 MPEG-2 5/6Irdeto  200110
68.5°EIntelsat 20South Africa11170 HDVB-S30000IrdetoDSTV South AfricaEngAnonymous
  0 MPEG-2 5/6   191124
58.5°EKazSat 3 10720 HDVB-S230000IrdetoOtau TVRusV Kopertehov
    8PSK 3/4Videoguard  170117
45.0°EAzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38Europe12600 VDVB-S230000VideoguardVivacom TVEngN Schlammer
  53.6 8PSK 5/6  Rus190403
42.0°ETürksat 3AWest11012 VDVB-S230000IrdetoD-SmartTurN Schlammer
  52 8PSK 5/6Videoguard Eng181215
42.0°ETürksat 4AEast11789 HDVB-S220000IrdetoTivibuTurS Günes
  53-54 8PSK 3/4  Eng181102
39.0°EHellas Sat 3Europe BSS12405 VDVB-S30000BulcryptTelekom TVRumD Lita
  48 MPEG-2 7/8VideoguardBulsatcomBul191227
36.1°EExpress AMU1Fixed 212360 HDVB-S26480  EngTony G
 0 MPEG-2 2/3   191020
35.9°EEutelsat 36BRussia11900 RDVB-S227500ViaccessNTV PlusRusS Masharov
  0 8PSK 3/4   160630
35.9°EEutelsat 36BSub-Sahara Africa12034 VDVB-S27500IrdetoDSTV AfricaEngAnonymous
  0 MPEG-2 3/4   191206
23.5°EAstra 3BEurope Wide12402 VDVB-S230000ConaxM:Sat TVEngN Schlammer
  51 8PSK 3/4   181215
16.0°EEutelsat 16AEurope B11595 HDVB-S230000NagravisionMax TVEngN Schlammer
  50 8PSK 3/4   181002
16.0°EEutelsat 16AEurope B11637 HDVB-S230000ConaxA1 Bulgaria N Schlammer
  50 8PSK 5/6   160506
13.0°EHotbird 13CWide11219 HDVB-S229900Verimatrix (B)Xtra TVUkrLexzie
  50-51 8PSK 3/5  Qaa191221
9.0°EEutelsat 9BNordic & Eastern12188 VDVB-S227500Verimatrix (B)Xtra TVUkrN Schlammer
  0 8PSK 5/6  Qaa180121
7.0°EEutelsat 7CWest11513 HDVB-S229900IrdetoDigiturkTurN Schlammer
  53 QPSK 5/6  Eng191105
5.0°ESES 5Sub Saharan Africa12265 HDVB-S227500ConaxStarSatEngAnonymous
  0 8PSK 3/4   180831
1.9°EBulgariaSat 1Europe12226 HDVB-S230000BulcryptPolaris Media S Günes
  52 8PSK 2/3   190719
4.0°WAmos 3Europe11304 HDVB-S8889Conax PolD Lita
  54-56 MPEG-2  Qaa200114
      3/4  Ukr 
5.0°WEutelsat 5 West AC4153 RDVB-S230000ConaxStarTimes TV UgandaEngM Hajdú
 39 8PSK 3/4  190115
8.0°WEutelsat 8 West BC3761 RDVB-S230000ConaxStarTimes TV UgandaEngN Schlammer
  36-38 8PSK 3/4   190118

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