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DW News TV Frequency

DW News TV

DW News is a global English news and information channel of the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW)

DW News started on June 22, 2015 and replaces other international DW programs such as the Journal. BBC World News or 24 in France to establish a German counterpart to international news channels from other countries, for example for 24-hour service purposes. The service is provided worldwide via satellite.

In the United States, DW News can be received on cable and satellite television. A 30-minute program similar to the Journal is available at many stations that are PBS members. The 30-minute program is also available nationwide on Link TV. It is also available on YouTube as DW English.

DW News TV Free Frequency

PositionSatelliteBeam EIRP (dBW)FrequencySystemSR FECEncryptionPackagesLang.Source
124.0°EJCSAT 4BPapua New Guinea12340 HDVB-S215000 Digicel PlayEngAnonymous
8PSK 3/4190813
108.2°ESES 7Indonesia2565 VDVB-S222500VideoguardMNC VisionEngAlbert I
08PSK 3/4160728
108.2°ESES 9NE Asia12401 HDVB-S245000ConaxG SatEngAnonymous
08PSK 5/6190816
105.5°EAsiaSat 7C4100 VDVB-S229720  EngT Kameda
36-408PSK 5/6161202
 HD 1080 
105.5°EAsiaSat 7C4100 VDVB-S229720  EngW H Wong
36-408PSK 5/6181204
91.4°EMeasat 3aIndonesia12436 HDVB-S231000  EngBulek Sps
08PSK 2/3180515
91.5°EMeasat 3bIndonesia12643 VDVB-S230000IrdetoTransvisionEngAnonymous
08PSK 3/5150908
78.5°EThaicom 6SE Asia Ku12405 VDVB-S245000  EngBulek Sps
8PSK 3/5180129
75.0°EABS 2Global3623 HDVB-S242856TongfangMedianet HitsEngPongisat
36-378PSK 2/3161121
75.0°EABS 2ARussia12160 VDVB-S245000IrdetoMTS TVEngN Schlammer
08PSK 2/3Verimatrix190125
75.0°EABS 2ASE Asia 112290 VDVB-S244000ABV EngBulek Sps
8PSK 3/4Neotion SHL170823
65.0°EAmos 4Nepal11235 VDVB-S245000ConaxDishHomeEngC Moktan
0QPSK 2/3Latens170829
 MPEG-4 Verimatrix 
58.5°EKazSat 3 12719 VDVB-S245000IrdetoAlma TVEngI Rateyev
8PSK 3/4170824
56.0°EExpress AT1Wide11919 LDVB-S230000ExsetTricolor TV SibirEngN Schlammer
08PSK 5/6DRE-Crypt150503
45.0°EAzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38Central Africa11368 VDVB-S230000  EngP Laschan
45.0°EAzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38West Africa11475 VDVB-S230000  EngJ Feyziyev
45.0°EAzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38Europe12520 VDVB-S230000VideoguardVivacom TVEngWilliam-1
53.68PSK 5/6190201
39.0°EHellas Sat 3Europe BSS12137 VDVB-S230000ConaxA1 BulgariaEngN Schlammer
488PSK 5/6181121
39.0°EHellas Sat 3Europe BSS12242 HDVB-S213381  EngS Günes
48QPSK 3/4190814
31.5°EAstra 5BWide11817 VDVB-S27500  EngZippo-Ka
51MPEG-2 3/4150802
28.2°EAstra 2FWest Africa12525 VDVB-S230000  EngP Laschan
0QPSK 5/6191005
28.2°EAstra 2FWest Africa12525 VDVB-S230000  EngP Laschan
0QPSK 5/6191005
28.2°EAstra 2FWest Africa12565 HDVB-S230000NagravisionPlayEngS Ugbeda
08PSK 2/3180521
23.5°EAstra 3BEurope Wide12402 VDVB-S230000ConaxM:Sat TVEngN Schlammer
518PSK 3/4181215
19.2°EAstra 1MEurope Wide11627 VDVB-S22000  EngZippo-Ka
51MPEG-2 5/6P Alarud
13.0°EHotbird 13BWide11727 VDVB-S229900  EngA Busneag
50-518PSK 3/4190731
 HD 1080 
9.0°EEutelsat 9BExtended Greece12475 HDVB-S227500VideoguardCosmote TVEngN Schlammer
518PSK 2/3190725
7.0°EEutelsat 7BAfrica10887 HDVB-S230000  EngAnonymous
0QPSK 4/5180719
5.0°ESES 5Sub Saharan Africa12034 HDVB-S27500  EngAnonymous
 0 MPEG-2 3/4   161110
5.0°ESES 5Sub Saharan Africa12034 HDVB-S27500  EngAnonymous
0MPEG-4 3/4161110
0.8°WThor 6K110809 HDVB-S225000ConaxCanal Digital SverigeEngO Andersson
08PSK 3/4Canal Digital Norge170904
3.0°WABS 3ASAF11084 VDVB-S22500  EngC Ayaba
 0MPEG-4 190510
103.0°WSES 3North America C4140 VDVB-S230000  EngAbbie
08PSK 5/6161110
 HD 1080 

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