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HSE 24 Extra TV Channels Frequency

HSE 24 Extra TV

On 16 October 1995, the first German24 telescope transmitter HSE24 was launched on the market under the name HOT (Home Order TV) and in May 2001 it was renamed Home Shopping Europe. The HSE24 brand was launched in March 2004.

The source of the idea is largely Quelle GmbH by new media director Patrick Palomb, who tested the first formats of the 1980 telescope and also. With Tele-Boutique and its demo store in RTL and then in ProSibenzen. 1 in Eureka. Following these successful efforts, Palombo advised Quelle GmbH on the board of directors and on the board of directors of the Chicanz Group to extend the telescope layout for the 24-hour distributors. The next step was to establish a joint venture between Quell and ProSiben that combines key business capabilities and HOT publishing. Georg Kofler, CEO of ProSieben, who has already tested the Eureka Telescope, was personally enthusiastic about the project and worked on other topics. and also. Along with Patrick Palombo, he became a consultant to the new publisher. A year later, the partnership with the company’s legal department was expanded to include the US telescopic station HSN (Home Trading Network), so that HOT can use professional knowledge for binoculars. This new partnership was officially announced as HSN in the 1996 media days by George George Kofler for three ProSieben representatives, Patrick Palomb for Quell and film and television group Barry Dealer.

The first online store appeared in 1998.

In the founding year, shareholders were Quelle GmbH and ProSiebenSat.1 Media; One year later, the group of shareholders expanded to include US TV station HSN. Leave ProSiebenSat.1 later. The station was sold to InterActiveCorp in February 2005, but almost two years later in June 2007. HSE 24 was now part of Primondo (formerly KarstadtQuelle), a division of Arkandor mail orders. After the takeover, Quell’s articles had their own windows. For example, Kvel kitchen products are hosted on HSE24 at our expense. Klaus Hubert Gorg, brokerage manager at Arkandor AG, was listed on November 10, 2009, but the French investment company Axa Private Capital immediately applied for 24 HSE.

In 2012, Axa sold a majority stake in Home Shopping Europe GmbH to US investment firm Providence Equity Partners.

HSE 24 Extra TV Channels Free Frequency

PositionSatelliteBeam EIRP (dBW)FrequencySystemSR FECEncryptionPackagesLang.Source
9.0°EAstra 1KREurope10803 HDVB-S222000  GerG Henri
49-518PSK 3/4160120
HD 1080 
5.0°WAstra 1LEurope Ku12226 HDVB-S27500  GerT Viererbe
51MPEG-2 3/490325
9.0°EEutelsat 9BWide11785 HDVB-S227500  GerF Dibba
50-518PSK 2/3131105

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