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Juwelo Italia TV Channels Frequency

Juwelo Italia TV

Juwelo (you-VAY-low) may be an unknown brand in America, but Juwelo is known in Europe. Juwelo specializes in gemstone jewelry via television channels and online shops and has served Europe with its elegant and affordable brand since 2008. The management of Elumeo SE, the parent company of Juwelo, has more than 20 years of experience with gemstones and jewels.

Jewelry Jewelry is only available through Juwelo. We are a jeweler on the market and take care of all aspects of production, from buying precious stones to designing jewelry to manufacturing in our own factory and selling them directly to our customers. We hire agents and transfer the savings to our customers.

Juwelo Italia TV Channels Sattalite Frequency

Juwelo is headquartered in Germany and sends its shopping channel from Berlin, still from its original studio. The building is a large factory courtyard in Berlin’s historic Kreuzberg district, which was built in 1897. This is where Juwelo manages many of its shops. Juwelo broadcasts its German retail channel 18 hours a day. Customers are offered a large selection of gemstone jewelry on television. Juwelo accepts offers over the phone, over the Internet, through its own tablet and smartphone application and even via Smart TV. Juwelo has a high percentage of repeat customers who keep Juwelo nearby, many of whom send Christmas cards and gifts every year. Does anyone live? There is still a lot to do with Christmas.

In Italy, Juwelo also broadcasts a TV shopping channel. The Juwelo store, which has been based in Rome since 2011, is popular nationwide and is growing steadily among customers. Another country where Juwelo is televised is the UK, which is based in Birmingham, England, under its British subsidiary Rocks & Co. Rocks & Co. transmission. It has been part of the elumeo group since 2010.

Juwelo Italia TV Channels Free Frequency

PositionSatelliteBeam EIRP (dBW)FrequencySystemSR FECEncryptionPackagesLang.Source
13.0°EHotbird 13CWide11179 HDVB-S227500  ItaD Shimoni
48-508PSK 3/4200328
9.0°EEutelsat 9BItaly12256 HDVB-S222000  ItaZ Viglidán
MPEG-2 1/2200110
5.0°WEutelsat 5 West BTransalpine12700 HDVB-S211167  ItaN Schlammer
8PSK 3/4180727

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