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MTV Lebanon HD Latest Frequency Information

MTV Lebanon HD Early stages

Michelle Gabriel Murr, CEO, son of Gabriel Murr
MTV was founded in 1991 as a television channel dedicated to the complexity and richness of Lebanese audience identity, with a balanced mix of local, Arabic and Western media content with an emphasis on producing custom-designed local programs. reflects the wishes and values ​​of its viewers.

MTV Lebanon HD Starting a political scene

In November 1994, MTV began the political scene and began local news broadcasts with a series of various political and socio-economic shows.

MTV Lebanon HD MTV shutdown

During the Syrian presence in Lebanon in 2002, MTV, which carried out an illegal process, illegally closed MTV for an indefinite period [5]. The main reason for this closure was against the Syrian presence in Lebanon, which lasted until 2005.

On August 16, 2005, the Lebanese parliament voted unanimously to amend the Election Law, after which MTV rights were reinstated in all sectoral and public rights.

MTV Lebanon HD MTV today

MTV was restarted in 2009 to continue its mission and vision and quickly became a leader on the local and regional television scene.

“In the days when MTV was closed, I never thought it would ever happen again – because I did not die. Michel Gabriel El Murr President and CEO

Badr-4 at 26 East – 11938 V 27500

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